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Can Corsair Add "Playback Visualizer"


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Let me start off by saying, how much I LOVE this keyboard so far. Been a week, and I have #noregrets thus far.


Yes, I know they got that feature for their VOID headset and headset stand. I have their ST100 RGB, M65 PRO RGB, K95 Plat and MM800 RGB mouse pad.


Here's the thing: the ST100 headset stand's sound drivers are inferior to my Gigabyte's AM4 K7 motherboard onboard drivers. I don't want plugin my very expensive headset (which I don't name to be in compliance with Corsair's rule and guidelines)--but the point is: the ST100 doesn't make my headset sound great, and it can't drive my headsets as it requires a good amp.

I also have a 7.1 Home Theater surround system as my desktop speakers. I don't always put my headsets on when I listen to music.


I get that Corsair is trying to get people into their ecosystem (in which I spent $500 worth of stuff from Corsair)--but dislike how you either need their headset stand or their headphones to use the "Playback Visualizer".


There are already third-party solutions to make the K95 Plat keyboard work without their Headset stand or headphones, but I found those solutions a little bit sketchy and very buggy, to say the least. There's really no excuse Corsair can put out countering this statement.


If I'm paying $200 USD ($250 CAD) for a keyboard--I shouldn't have to be locked out certain features just because I chose not to buy or use their existing products to unlock my full keyboard potential.


Corsair, PLEASE allow users to use the Playback functionality without having to be forced into using other accessories. :[pouts:


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