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Vengeance C70 Drive/Optic bay

The Beast

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Hello fellas! I'm the proud owner of a Vengeance C70, and i have some questions about it.

When I push the rig, video card and CPU temps stay kinda normal, bu the case gets pretty warm, like i can feel it with my hand, so i guess above 37°c. To make it better, i thought about getting an AIO for the CPU (i7 6700k), put the rad in the front (removing the HDD bay), and place the disks on the upper cage with the BRD.

Questions are:


- is it possible to fit the HDDs in the optical drive bay?

- do i need a 80mm fan on the side to cool the zone around the CPU?

- you think the problem is the CPU or the 1080Ti? Should i liquid cool it instead?


Thanks in advance

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