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Are HX1200 components fire proof?


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I've placed a HX1200 PSU between my computer case and the wall outlet.


If a fire was to start inside the computer's case, which is made out of plastic, even if the power was cut off by the PSU's short-circuit-protection, could the fire burn the PSU's cables, surpass the PSU itself and then spread to the wall through the input cord?


In other words, are both the input cord and the set of cables provided fire-proof enough so that fire can not spread to the wall (flame resistant or flame retardant) and how can I verify this?



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Anything that is plastic is going to be flammable. Just a matter of how long it will burn IF it has some flame retardant built into it.


The "official" standard for this is UL 94: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UL_94


So Corsair's cables/connectors are 94 V-0. Which means the will stop burning in 10 seconds. The flip side of that is that they WILL burn for 10 seconds, so if they come into contact with another flammable surface within that time frame, they will also catch fire.


Different plastics have different flammability ratings. For example: Clear plastic tends to be only UL 94V-2. Reason being is because the flame retardant additives can cloud clear plastic. So either less, or none, of the flame retardant is used. This means the plastic can burn upwards of 30 seconds, and dripping pieces of flaming plastic are expected.

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