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My First Mod - 570x PSU Cover

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Hey Guys!!


Brand new to the forums, (first post) but thought I'd share my very first "mod" on my case. I had a buddy CNC out this ROG PSU cover out of acrylic. It is clear acrylic that is painted matte black on the back, and laser etched with the logo on the front. The lighting is done with Corsairs Lighting Node Pro on rainbow wave. Sorry about the terrible iPhone video quality.





The next mod that I'm working on is Asus ROG fan covers in a clear plastic so that the HD120s/140s will light it up. Will keep anyone posted who cares. Also can get in touch if anyone would like one cut out with whatever logo!!



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That's super slick! Have you thought about modding the Corsair logo on the shroud to be RGB also?


I hadn’t, but that is a great idea. Hadn’t pulled the cover apart yet.

Might have to move some more strips into the cover to get a more dramatic effect.


Thanks for the idea!!

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Sorry again for the terrible video......

It's actually really hard to capture the colour changing.

Sped up the RGB just so you can see the effect. Super fun (and VERY easy) challenge


Glorious. That looks absolutely awesome man. Great work! :)

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