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H110i Tightening Screws


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Every month I clean my PC, bring it to the garage and use the compressor (without disassembling the various components).

However, it is already the second time that I noted the screws of the heatsink block are not fully tightened and if I try to tighten it with fingers, they make 1/4 turn (if I use the screwdriver they tighten much more).

I have disassemble the heatsink and the AM3 bracket is all striped where the two thumbscrews are tightened.

If I do not remember it, it was not recommended to use the screwdriver for the risk of tightening too much.

P.S. There are no changes in the CPU / water temperature.


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If you are asking "should I hand-tighten or use the screwdriver", I am in the hand tighten camp. If you want a little more, you can do a 1/4 turn with the screwdriver for good measure, but stop there. A lot of the mounting kits I have used from various brands are all susceptible to this if over-tightened. The one I have on now from another manufacturer would probably bore a hole in the board if I really cranked down on it and it allows the base screw to spin giving a false impression of "looseness". If you need another AM3 bracket, you should be able to get one from the Corsair webstore or likely Ebay as well.
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