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H110i GTX high temps


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I'm having temps when gaming and streaming between 80-90 with room temps around 26... Should these be lower?


On idle they are around 45-58


Its had new thermal paste (artic silver) and still the same issues.


At times you can hear the pump pretty loud, is that normal for these coolers?


Any help me be appreciated

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How long did you run the load before taking the screen shot? Just a minute or so? If yes, that's fine. The problem here is your base coolant temperature is very high, even at idle (the 46C H110i GTX Temp). That is also why your cores idle so high as well. The system appears to have some sort of flow problem and you should look for a replacement or start the RMA process. If there is a blockage or pump failure, I would have expected the coolant temperature to go up even more, but +6C for a short duration load period is plenty. Make sure there aren't any environmental factors that play a part in this. People sometimes don't take the solid lid off the top of their case and try to blow hot air through it.


What frequency and voltage do you have the 5820K set for?

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I have the exact same problem with my H110i, I have an i7-7700k @4.2GHz, I have recently posted about this in the forum.


Is it a common problem with this specific cooler? Should I just replace it with a new one?

I also don't really know how to maintain it, I wasn't the one who built my PC, I simply picked the parts and had someone I know build it for me so I don't know for example if I need to clean it or anything, and anyway I don't know how...

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