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How to replace a H115i fans with noctua Fans (industrial 300)


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Just like plugging in any other fan. Make sure you get the PWM version so you have the option of power and control through the pump. I will also suggest the same thing I say to everyone considering the 3000 rpm model --- you don't need it. Those speeds above 2000 are very difficult to endure and offer almost nothing in terms of cooling return. Air flow across the radiator is not usually the limiting factor. The 2000 rpm PWM model is the same fan, with friendlier phase change points, and a lower minimum speed (450) vs the 800 rpm min on the 3000. There is also quite a bit of difference in the current draw. At 0.55A, you cannot run two 3000 rpm fans from a single motherboard header. They would each need their own. That's a big accommodation for an extra 1000 rpm of fan speed you will never use. The 2000 rpm model has a rather low 0.18A draw by comparison. In theory, you could run 4 of those from the H115i in push-pull and I would do that before moving to a 3000 rpm model. Both of those options are overkill to be sure.


You don't have any hardware specs listed, but a single pair of 2000 rpm A14's is more than I ever need with my hardware. Unless this is for sport overclocking or competitive benchmarking, the 3000 rpm version is too much.

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