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Corsair Void Wire & Corsair Utility Engine


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I have:


Mouse: M65 PRO RGB

Keybaord: K70 Lux

Headset: Void USB RGB


Everything works fine except when I installed Corsair utility engine, the headset stops working completely and disappears from the list of the Playback devices and record devices for the OS. The mouse and keybaord work pretty well.


When I un-install the software and restart my pc, the headset appear again and works just fine, except I can't change the lighting effect of my mouse and my keybaord but they do work fine.


I also have a problem with the sotware when it comes to updating it.


I have version 2.12.66 and when I click on "Check for update" I get an error


"The Corsair Utility Engine has deteced an error during software update check"

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What operating system are you running?

Open Device Manager, Are there any entries with an error listed on them that are related to the headset?


It was Windows 7. I did open the device manager and it wasn't listed there and no error.


Anyways, I installed Windows 10 and everything works just fine.


Thank you for taking time to help me.

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