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Carbide Series SPEC-03..... Full Tower?


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Hi everyone, I'm super new to the forum! I really like Corsair products especially the cases, and lately I'm thinking to update my case with a Corsair one. I like the Carbide series mostly but unfortunately I see there is no full tower Carbide case.


I'm not sure yet which one my next case will be, but I saw very recently the Carbide SPEC-03 which looks amazing to my crazy-gaming-looks taste, lol.

It looks like a gaming case but in a cool industrial way. If it was a full tower I would order it this very moment.


Ok, my question is: Do you guys know if Corsair plans on making any Carbide Full Towers or even better this Carbide SPEC-03 in full tower version later on?


I wish they do because, if yes, it is definitely gonna be my next case, and even better if it's water-cooling optimized.


Thanks for taking the time to read this!


See you around...


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