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H100i V2 Water Temps?


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I ran realbeanch for like 15mins earlier and when i looked over CL, my water temps didnt even reach 30C while my cpu is around 49-51C? is this normal? or is there a problem with the contact and i should remount it?


Ambient: 26C~

CPU: 51C

H100iv2: 27C - 29C / 800-900 RPM fan / 1920 RPM Pump

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Yes, this is normal. The only time your coolant temp and core temps will be the same is when they are in some level of sleep state. The water is the transport system from CPU to radiator/fan exit. While heat coming off the CPU will add heat to the water, there isn't a linear or scaled relationship from CPU temp to coolant.


The coolant temp factors into CPU temperature in an additive way. It serves as the baseline or lowest possible CPU temp. If you raise your coolant temperature by 3C, all CPU temps will be +3C warmer than the exact same load and the lower coolant temp. The Kaby's are all 95W CPUs. Even when overclocked, it is not the wattage or cooler that will stop your progress. The cooler can handle it. The direct CPU temperature from voltage and instruction will always be the limiting factor. The heat will build up on the CPU faster than it can be conducted away through the cold plate.

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