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Problem with 570x


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Hi guys, so I got my 570x yesterday and for some reason when I first booted it up all 3 of my fans were working fine, than i had to restart my pc and when the lights came on only 2 of the fans led's were on the top and the bottom. I tried changing the fans color but the bottom wouldn't change only the top. I opened up my case and tried different headers and nothing. The middle fan is working just no led, it turns on when it wants to. And when it does turn on I can't sync the color. For example top will be blue middle will be blank than bottom will be green. When the middle turns on it will match the top but when I press he button to change color nothing happens. I really really hope there's a work around cause I don't feel like returning my case to rebuild the pc again lol. Thanks in advance


My setup is

Motherboard: x99 Taichi

Processor: intel i7 6800k

4 corsair vengeance ram 32gb

Corsair h100i v2

700 evega power supply

Gtx 1070 superclocked

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