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VOID RGB Wireless volume knob and buttons not working


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My volume knob and mute button become completely useless whenever my computer is playing sounds (on youtube, iTunes, in-game, etc...). Whenever there is no sound being made by the computer the buttons function completely fine. If I have the volume set at 0 and start a song and hold the knob to turn the volume up the volume will not change, but as soon as I pause the song the volume will start to go up on its own. This means that for some reason the input is recognized but not applied while sound is playing!


This has been a persistent issue with the VOID RGB Wireless headset since I purchased it a little over a year ago and I cannot find any forums that suggest other people are experiencing this issue. It is also not a consistent issue, 90% of the time I experience this hardware/software problem, but sometimes it will function normally for a night without me making any changes to CUE software or VOID firmware (50/50 when used on my laptop). This is such an annoyance because I need a headset since I live with roommates and need volume control since I switch between sound sensitive applications often when video editing and music editing. I use CUE for my keyboard and would like to avoid removing that software from my computer to make these headsets work. I am extremely disappointed with Corsair for the issues I have experienced with this headset and software.


Also I have done all of the basic troubleshooting so firmware has been updated again, CUE reinstalled, drivers reinstalled, receiver placed in different ports, etc...

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