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Corsair All The Things! My Corsair-themed build.

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Because it has been asked/implied elsewhere before, I like to preface the posting of my computer now with a disclaimer; I am in no way, shape, or form an employee of Corsair, paid by Corsair, or otherwise compensated by Corsair. I'm simply a fan of Corsair's products, warranties and customer service. With that said, onto the fun stuff:


The PC:

CPU: Intel Core i7-7700K (OC'd to 5.0GHz)

CPU cooler: Corsair H100i v2

Motherboard: MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon

Memory: Corsair Vengeance (white) LED 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4-3200

Storage: Corsair Force LE 960GB SSD

Video card: MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Sea Hawk X

Power supply: Corsair CS550M

Case fans: 2x AF120 white LED, 2x SP120 white LED (for CPU radiator)

Case: Corsair Carbide 400C


The Peripherals:

Monitor: BenQ XL2411

Keyboard: Corsair STRAFE RGB with Cherry MX Silent switches

Mouse: Corsair M65 PRO RGB FPS

Speakers: Logitech Z323



Silicon Lottery delid

Ikea Fredde desk

Generic external DVD drive

Sunnest 16.4' LED light strip

Ikea Renberget chair

Microsoft Xbox One wireless controller with USB adapter









While this is primarily a 'displaying my goods' kind of thread, I'm very welcoming to any opinions, suggestions and/or ideas someone may have about my setup!


Thanks for your time!

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Wow, this looks like a fantastic desk and PC area. I absolutely love it!


However, I can see that DVD drive getting ripped off by the arm of your chair (accidentally).


Thanks Blake!


While you raise a valid point about the DVD drive, it is secured via four double-sided 3M squares. They were successful at holding a GoPro on my motorcycle at speeds of 150MPH+ (closed circuit of course), so if anything it would probably throw me out of the chair! Lol

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Haha, thanks! I have removed all the plastic from the case window, but it's never been as clear as I've felt it should be. It's never been dropped or touched either, so it isn't scratched. The LEDs behind the desk definitely aren't helping with the clarity though, and since it isn't tempered glass, our expectations on clarity can't be held too high.


I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on 16GB of additional memory (of course I need it!) and pull the GTX 1070 SH in favor of the new 1080Ti SH.

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