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New CUE software, what did you do? :/

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Ok guys this is probably me not being able to figure something out but....


Ive been using an K95 RGB since they were released, and I have been on CUE software version 1.16.42 for a long time now (clicking update never finds anything new)


However, just out of boredom I went to the K95 RGB support page and saw there was a new version, v 2.11.115. Great! So I download it and....


My custom made American Flag Waive (see crappy video below) was easy to make and set up, in less than 5 minutes, under version 1.xx.xx










Now under 2.11.115, I'm having 0 luck even getting close to setting this up. Nor am I able to import the .mode file from the old version to the new one as well.

Am I doing something wrong?


Thx for any support

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