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SP120/HD120 fan hubs, and Lighting Node Pro Compatibility


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I see this has been asked before, but I don't think I quite understand the answer that was given in another thread. I have the fan hub that came with the 570x case with the three SP120 fans, and I also bough 4 HD120 fans with the fan hub that came with that.


My question is, will the RGB light strips that came with the Node Pro work on the SP120 fan hub, and will the SP120 fan hub connect to the Node Pro? I would like to use the SP120 RGB fans that came with the case still, along with the RGB strips and the HD120 fans.


Thanks for any info!

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Welcome to Here!


Things of Note:

The Strips will NOT plug into the Fan Hubs.

Fan Hubs = The same regardless of SP or HD, however you can only plug SP OR HD fans into the hub, not both.

Lightning Node Pro (LNP) can connect each port directly to a chain of strips, or directly to one hub. With HD, SP, and Strips, you have three different things, and only two ports on the LNP.


Also, please note that the LNP can only control SP fans if CL is the newer version and the LNP firmware is updated, however there are numerous reports of this breaking the LNP in the forum.

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I heard about the LNP breaking with the latest firmware update, so I am forgoing that at this point. I figured out last night what you mentioned above about the strips not connecting to the hub itself, but directly into the LNP and connecting to eachother. Everything else is good, and I was able to figure it out through trial and error. Thanks!!
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