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Hello everyone,


iam new to this forum searching for help cause i cant find a solution for my problem


My Corsair 110i GTX runs with Noctua NF-A14 industrialPPC-2000 IP67 PWM 500-2000 U/min Fans.


Everything is smooth and fine but when i stresstest my cpu, it will reach about 75 degree.


The problem is the fan speed.It only revs to 1020 rpm. thats it. I can remember when i bought the Pc 1 year ago i could fire them up to 2000 rpm.

Since then i never tested it again cause not needed.


I have set the fans to the pump.

Bios is set to manual 100%.If i run the Qfan bios optimization it shows the max is 1020 also.



Thanks in advance

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Q-fan? So an Asus Hero VII. Are you running AI Suite at the same time?


In your post, you stated "set the fans to the pump". I am not sure if you mean they are physically connected to the pump or you set the control variable in Link to the H110i GTX temp. If you connect the radiator fans to the pump, use Link to control them and preferably leave AI Suite alone. Q-fan should have no bearing on it's operation and it would be better to set it to "Full Speed" or "Disabled" in the BIOS prevent other Asus functions from trying to tune it. ]


If you want or need to use AI Suite for fan control or other things, it might be better to move the fans to the motherboard and not use Link as the control program. Set your pump speed, LED color, then exit.


There are lots of us using the NF-F12 industrial models on Corsair coolers, so I don't think there is an issue with the fan.

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Hey sorry for the delayed post.

Iam using hero VIII.I used the Qfan setup in the bios.

Yes the fans are just connected to the adapter to the pump,i dont have them connected to the MB.I dont use Ai suite.I tried it once but same thing fans wont spin more then 1020 rpm by 100%.

So i just want to use Link software..

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Set the Q-Fan for CPU Fan to "Full Speed". That will disable any Asus attempts to control the header. It should not matter for the H110 GTX, but it is a prudent precaution.


Also, when you uninstalled AI Suite originally, did you use the Asus cleaner utility to remove it? Or just the normal Windows control panel? It has some stubborn fan drivers and do not delete on removal, but do allow it to control fan speed when the program is not running. Aside from that, I am a little short on ideas. It might be prudent to attach one to the board and see if it will run up to ~1900+. A faulty Y-splitter might also have this effect, but it not very common.

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Ok i made some testing.


I set the Q-fan for CPU in Bios to fullspeed--- still same speed

i removed anything related to AI Suite, (registry).

I put the fan to the MB fan header and reinstalled ai suite i run it and whoops on max speed it also shows about 1000rmp


i realy dont know what to do...


I saw a thread where a user had the same problem. post #4

but he didnt replyed to it,maybee you can remember ;)





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If you are still within the warranty period, I would contact Noctua and see if they will send a replacement. This is fairly unusual and I would guess there is a problem with wire into the fan. If you tested with the Y-cable, try it without as well.


In the meantime, 1000 rpm on the NF-F12i is still a lot of air and enough to keep things in order. However, if the fault lies within the cable, that is something that could worsen at any time.

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I tested it now without Y-cable which was on the H110i Header.The mobo got 2 CPu fan header so i placed them directly to the mb.both wire problem at the same time is pretty unusual.

yea 1000 rpm is still good on nf14 but once i will start oc the cpu i might need 500 more.

is there any other way to test the fans?


so it cant be just a software/ setting problem? thanks for the help anyway..

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Even if the "tuning" process returns the wrong value (990 max), setting the fan Xpert controls to fixed (RPM Fixed modus) and 100% will still show the true max speed of the fan, if it is working correctly. 12v is 12v. Try setting it that way. Also, if you put the fans on CPU and OPT, try switching the cables on those two headers. OPT mirrors CPU fan and it does not have its own controls. I am a little concerned both fans are showing the same behavior. THat does not sound like a wire problem.
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yea i changed the cpu with opt header and also tried them seperatly, ofc opt just takes the speed of the cpu header.i put 1 fan also on chassi header same speed.I used fixed rpm modus same speed ;)



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The odds of both fan wires degrading the same degree, then affecting each fan equally in turn, is preposterous. I am afraid that means we are still looking at a software issue.


If you have the ability to try the fans out on another PC, great. If not, leave the fans on CPU & OPT and boot into the BIOS. Either in Q-Fan control or the Advanced BIOS -> Monitoring Column, set the CPU FAN to "Full Speed" (not sure of the German label) and PWM. You may need to go back to the main E-Z BIOS screen to see the reported speed. At the BIOS level, AI Suite or anything should not be able to affect it. The speed should change instantly to just under ~1900 rpm (radiator restricted).


I have these same fans and use them on my Asus boards all the time. Every time I see a similar problem, it usually traces back to BIOS settings or the interaction between Link and AI Suite. However, I have not seen one quite so stubborn before.


This is the Asus link to the AI Suite Cleaner. I have no idea why they don't keep in on the actual Asus site. You need to run it as Administrator. Never use system restore to revert to a prior version of the OS with AI Suite after cleaning.



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Ok i just searched for the box with the old stock corsair fans and found them.i put 1 on a chassi header and run fan expert 3.so the fan revs up to full speed with expected rpm of over 2000.

So does this mean for sure that the noctuas are broken?




Greetings and thanks for the help!!!

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For sure? I don't know. It is very strange for fans to be impaired to the exact same degree. When run on CPU and OPT, I can see how this might happen but since you reversed them and the result was still the same, it reads like a software issue. It should affect the 4 pin PWM Corsair SP140L fans the same way and it does not, so this is a bit baffling.


I guess the next step is contact Noctua. The fans should still be under warranty. Also, make sure that box doesn't say PPC-24 volts-2000 PWM anywhere on the front. That would explain a lot.

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OMG i just search for the old box for the noctua,luckely i found them.It says 24V...

Why would Mindfactory ( one of the biggest computer reseller in germany) put that in my system?


there is a pciture of my order,i dont see anywhere 24V ,why should i ?




and this is a picture of the empty box




so i guess since they installed the wrong fan which i never ordered,they need to send me the right 12V then ?


finally we found the mistake ...

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Whew! Thank goodness. OK, nothing wrong with the fans, your PC, BIOS, wires, or anything else. That is normal behavior for the Noctua 24v when run with 12v. Half the voltage, half the speed (or thereabouts). That would be problematic for a lot of fans, but the Noctua industrials can do this with no issues.


So, one of two things...


1) It was intentional. This is a way to use a good effective fan, that looks nice (black), but otherwise might be a bit loud for some people. The maximum speed is effectively capped at 1000 which is quite tolerable. 2000 is pretty damn loud. I considered doing this with the 3000 rpm version at one point, but there just wasn't enough differentiation from the 2000 PWM model I already had to justify the purchase for a system with fan controls.


2) Accident. That "24v" is the only indicator it is different form the otherwise identical NF-A14-industrial ppc-2000-ip67-pwm. Basic human error.


I would contact the builder and see what they say. I would think they would be pretty friendly about it either way.

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