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M65 Pro Mouse Macros crashing mid game


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Hey everyone,


I'm new to the forums so please bare with me while I try to explain this. I've been using the M65 Pro Mouse and K65 Rapid Fire keyboard for a bit now and I've noticed my macros stop working when I'm playing games. I have to unplug/ plug the mouse before it works again, then once I jump into a game, it crashes again.


I've updated to the newest version of CUE, and the mouse drivers as well. Same issue continues to persist. If I try opening a program such as Ableton, it will cause the mouse to be inactive until I restart the computer. Is there a fix for this issue that I haven't discovered?


Also, the K65 Rapid Fire keyboard tends to flicker for unknown reasons.

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Hi Brobq! Welcome to the forums!


In an attempt to recreate the issue you're encountering, I downloaded Ableton Live 9 Trial.


In addition, this is what I was running:


i5 6600K / Z170

Win10 Enterprise x64

CUE 2.11.115

Ableton Live 9 Trial (9.7.1 Build: 2016-11-15_a024ca1056 64-bit)


K65 RGB RAPIDFIRE - on Firmware 2.05 (latest)

M65 Pro - on Firmware 2.06 (latest)


Please list your specifications as well (What game? What action to reproduce the issue?) as any other useful information that may help pinpoint the root cause.

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