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K65 LUX RGB Lighting Problems


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hello, had this keyboard for about 6 months now and i have a problem.. some of the key lighting just stopped working for certain colors.. for example a few keys just wont light up blue and are faded or off, others will go purple when blue is selected. other colors are also affected like some keys wont go purple, only pink

i had some similar issues not long ago but they would usually resolve themselves after powering down and restarting.. now the problem persists. i am 100% sure its a software/driver issue, because when i manually turn all light off and individually turn those keys affected they work fine, but when other keys are lit up they suddenly start acting up again by either changing to a different color or going very dim.


i have already reinstalled CUE and manually deleted all keyboard drivers and had everything reinstalled. its getting super annoying.

it is not a hardware issue, i had other problems with my corsair katar mouse and my corsair headset VOID usb when i first purchased and foolishly thought getting a replacement would resolve the issue.. it did not, and i ended up waiting for a firmware update which for the most part fixed the problems.


attached photo demonstrates, instead of all being blue, SHIFT, Z, X, C, ALT, FN go purple. and F, G, H, J, K become very dim


need some help please... please...


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You will want to try a 'hard reset' by submitting a ticket to Corsair.



what is a hard reset?


and how would submitting a ticket in their support forum going to help.. they will tell me the same thing they did when i had problems with the mouse and keyboard, return for a replacement.. and the replacement had the same problems, which was sorta fixed by future firmware updates

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