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Canada Express RMA Concerns


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hi, I filed a express RMA with you guys couple days back, added comments explaining my concerns regarding the horror stories I read on these forums about Canadians (aka me) that received RMAs shipped via UPS with COD charges (brokerage) and secondary (since they were paid when I bought the product) duties/taxes on their replacement parts due to the RMA department not communicating to UPS that they're warranty/return items vs new, but no one replied to either of my comments regarding these concerns before you shipped out of Taiwan.


I'm on disability, have to pinch pennies to even afford computer parts and have had so many bad experiences dealing with UPS internationally over the years that not being ensured that I won't have to flatout refuse the package at the door has me rather nervous as I cannot send the defective RAM back until I have new working RAM installed, I'd rather not have the credit card I used (a friend's) charged due to non-communication as well as not having working parts already is hampering the work I do each day they don't work.


I read in multiple threads that most of the time I'm supposed to poke the support staff in the ticket about it, except that's what I already did, twice before it even shipped and they said nothing so here I am wondering if anyone here can tell me if the package is marked as warranty/returns or marked as new and what exactly I'm supposed to do if it comes to the door with fees I cannot pay/legally am not supposed to have to pay.


My rma # is 6906230 , please help x.x

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You will not be required to pay the taxes for RMAed units. If UPS do ask for payment on delivery, Refuse the delivery and then contact Corsair via phone/Skype or put in a comment in your ticket.


Your concerns may be handled better over the phone, You can call Corsair using Skype by dialling their toll-free number.

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