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Corsair SP2500 Desktop Remote Buzzing


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Ticket No: 6903733


Afternoon Ram Guy,


I am writing as i have a problem that most other users don't seem to have posted about.


I brought my corsair sp2500 many years ago now and are well out of warranty although they are working fine.


The thing that isnt working fine is the remote all functions are great but it is producing a very high pitched buzz/wining sound which takes away from the enjoyment of listening to the actual speakers.


As you can see i have created a ticket on the corsair customer service website but i have been told their is nothing they can do which i don't think is technically true


I love these speakers and feel it would be a shame if have to throw them away just because of one easily replaceable component.


As i am in the UK i am struggling to get a replacement and was hoping that this may be something you could help me with.


I look forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance.

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The SP2500 has been discontinued for a while now. Spare parts will very limited if they are still available.


If you suspect the control pod is causing your issue, You may be able to find a replacement by searching the P:N for it. CA-8910002

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