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460x RGB v2?


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If theres ever a second iteration of the 460x rgb case i would like the following things to happen:

- Built-in PSU cover with rgb corsair logo (think of the 570x)

- REAL top radiator support, it needs more clerance (a good 3cm to achive this)

- HD120 fans in the front and back (wish they were Aura Sync compatible)

- SSD trays on PSU cover + cut outs

- and lastly and vertical GPU mount (i think it would be a first for Corsair)



Thanks for reading this post.

Hopefully someone at Corsair reads this implements some of the things in a case, it would be pretty neat.

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For a V2, I think the SSD tray on the back should be smaller, 2 SSD slots instead of 3. As is, it is so big and bulky that it makes cable management troublesome with big cables, and it's pretty unlikely that anyone would need three 2.5" slots in the back anyway. If you need more, you can always use the HDD tray at the bottom of the chassis. Plus, since the tray is modular screw-on, you could also sell it separately to allow V1 owners to upgrade theirs.


Also, the cutouts at the back above the PSU are so small, that it's impossible to run any cables through, pretty much defeating the point of the cutouts. There's mere millimeters between the PSU cover and the motherboard so there's no chance of running anything through. Even after removing the cover from above PSU, there's still too little space to even route fan cables through the cutouts.

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  • Corsair Employee

Thanks for the feedback, duly noted. I personally like those suggestions as well, adding those features will definitely improve the 460X's overall value and functionality.


The vertical GPU mount feature is something that we've looking into for quite sometime now, so there's a really good chance that we will see this feature in our future cases.

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