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Harpoon "Sniper" mode?


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  • 7 months later...

1. Go to Corsair Utility Engine

2. Click "Actions"

3. Choose your button to remap (etc, left click/forward/backward/right click) (mine is forward button)

4. Click on "Macro" tab under 1-6 and select "REMAP KEY" (you can see when it's showed Macro, Text, Remap Key, Media, Launch Application, Timer, etc)

5. Select "Mouse Button" on "Key function" tab (default is: "Typing key")

6. Select "Sniper Button" somewhere in the bottom of the tab

7. Choose whether you want activate it when "While Pressed" only or "Toggle on/off" on the "Action Trigger" tab under "Key function" tab

8. And there you go, you've done remapping key for SNIPER BUTTON.

Hope it helps, and cheers~!


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if you don't mind

Thanks :)

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