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Apple 17" 1GHz PB and VS1GSDS333 Module


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I finally took the plunge and expanded my 17" 1GHz PowerBook's memory by getting a VS1GSDS333 module. It has already nearly been two weeks and I've had *no* problems (e.g., random freezing, kernel panics) with the upgrade. I'm very satisfied with getting Corsair memory. :biggrin:


The Corsair VS1GSDS333 module has a small left-of-center notch (when viewing the module from the top and the contacts at the bottom) with fits with a tab on the slot.


The Apple PowerBook has two memory slots but unfortunately, the bottom memory slot (the one with the default 512MB module installed) has the tab to the right-of-center. :bigeyes:


My question to the RAM guy is this: does Corsair manufacture VS1GSDS333 modules that have notches to the right-of-center so that by replacing the original 512MB module with another 1GB module, I'd be able to max out my RAM to 2GB?

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Dude, if the stick has a left notch and you want to put it in a slot with a right notch, flip the memory stick around :)


ALL motherboard and memory manyfacturers follow the same physical DDR specs.


Thanks for answering the question no matter how stupid it may have sounded to the veteran members in this forum. I'm enlightened :)

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