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H80i GT noise during tumble


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While installing my H80i GT I was had to tumble it and I heard a distinct but low liquid shifting noise. Is this expected? I thought the AIO cooler should be completely filled with coolant and thus shouldn't make noise !


I bought the older GT model(because newer models aren't there in my country) which was probably manufactured few years ago and sitting inside the box somwhere till now. Could some coolant have evaporated over years?

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1) There can be some evaporation over time, although it generally needs to be running and subject to heat (or at least large temperature variations). This should not be an issue when in the box.


2) The GT versions really aren't very old. There was a sudden renaming of the product line not long after launch. For most products, this was a new box and nothing else.


3) There is always a little space and my cooler will also slosh slightly if I move it around, particularly the first power cycle after a re-positioning. This doesn't really matter until you start to hear consistent noises (gurgling, straining) from the pump. At that point, the water level may be too low. I suspect that is not currently an issue.

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