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Question on ripple effect


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I'm using a K70 RGB with Cue 2.

It seems that it is impossible to make a key REACT to a ripple effect caused by other keys while the press of the key itself will not trigger this effect?

By selecting the keys in the program you can't differentiate if the key only uses the effect or also causes it?


Example goal: All keys except ENTER do a green ripple effect on all keys.

ENTER does a red ripple effect on all keys.


If I select every key in the green ripple effect, enter is affected by the green ripple as intended, but also CAUSES it when I press enter. If I exclude it, it won't cause the effect, but its also not affected by it.

For the red effect, when I only select Enter, only Enter will glow red. When I select every key the red ripple effect works as intended, but on all other keys the red and green effect interferes with one another.


Seems as if the order of the effects does affect this, but I can't quite figure out how this works. When I press enter every key glows red, if I press another key Enter still glows red, not green.


Am I missing an option?


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I have attached a profile that shows a red ripple for all keys except for Enter, and pressing Enter causes a green ripple.


To accomplish this, I used Advanced Mode.

I created the Red Ripple as a lower layer lighting effect, and enabled it across all keys.

I created the Green Ripple as a higher level lighting effect, and enabled it across all keys.

At this point, you will see only a green ripple, as the simultaneous red ripple is hidden beneath the green.


Next, I turn off the green ripple by default.

At this point, the red ripple is revealed, because the overlay is turned off.


Now I create a macro, into which I insert a keystroke event for Enter, and bind it to the enter key. I also set the advanced lighting for this action to perform the green ripple. (Since this green ripple lighting is disabled by default, only this macro will trigger it, and this macro also keeps the functionality of the Enter keystroke.)



Red Ripple; Enter does Green Ripple.cueprofile


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