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k70 rapidfire dead after updating firmware


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hey all, currently using the on screen keyboard in windows

I currently have a ticket open but wanted your advice as well.


my leds were flickering and dying in random sections of the keyboard contacted support they had me update the firmware and now the keyboard is dead(followes their instructions to the t).


i can do the trick to get into the firmware section still thats about it. confirmed dead on another windows system and a linux machine. it was foolish not to backup the original firmware.


standard k70 rf non rgb CH-9101024-NA


amd 8350

gigabyte board

32 gb ram

64 bit win 10

dx 12

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If the keyboard is still in bootloader mode (Keyboard is seen as a drive in Windows), its not dead yet.


If you haven't already, Try following the steps again on another computer and see whether it can recover the keyboard. If not, the rep. may have given you the wrong firmware for the keyboard.

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