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[VOID WIRELESS] Windows 7 doesn't recognize the headset


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Hi forum,


After a request to Corsair support that doesn't help me at all, I'm trying with the community.


This is simple, I have all new Corsair keyboard / mice and headset.

When CUE is installed, I can enjoy the functionnalities of my keybord and mice but the headset is not recognized by Windows.


With CUE uninstalled, all works, but I can't enjoy the functionnalities of my hardware (driver actually).. very frustrating.. mostly when Corsair support doesn't even reply to your question..


Did someone experienced the same issue and found a solution ? :idea:


Thank you very much.


ps: I am furious against Corsair support, more than 250€ spent, and they don't even help !!!! :mad:




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(With CUE installed) Open your 'Device and Printer' from Control Panel, right-click on the VOID headset (with the yellow exclamation mark on it) and select "Update Driver".


If this doesn't work, try going into your Device Manager > Sounds > right-click on the VOID Wireless and select "Uninstall" > Disconnect the headset >Restart > Reconnect the headset.

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