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M65 Rgb Unable to equip Gradients or Wave.


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Yesterday I Got my M65 Rgb and i wanted to add a custom gradient, like rainbow, but im unable to equip it. Is there a way to equip it? I Heard that after 1.7 it was removed, I tried downgrading but it said incompatible firmware and i was unable to use anything in 1.7


Can anyone help, can you not equip gradients in the latest CUE and if not, can someone help me downgrade CUE to 1.7 so i can, because when i tried, i got incompatible firmware.


Thanks in advance



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You can add a gradient while being in advanced mode (no wave however). I have just tested and I can add one on my Scimitar.


This thread is kinda old at this point though, ~1 year old.


Ok so there was an issue with my CUE 2.7 software that did not find updates for the software. So I checked manually on the software page and downloaded 2.8 and now there is that option in advanced mode. Finally. As you can see in the screenshot the option is not in CUE 2.7.


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