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SP-2500 Low Output


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After some extensive research I replaced my Logitech Z-560 with the SP-2500. Once I moved over to the SP-2500 speakers I've noticed a significant drop in volume and I'm trying to determine if its the speaker system itself or if I have something wrong on my setup. This is my rundown


20' RCA to 3.5" Jack connects the SP-2500 to my computer

Realtek HD onboard - Updated these drivers to 6.0.1

Windows Volume @ 100%


I've searched through the forums and the running theme is to get a new sound card. All of the threads I've read discuss how the sound card cleans up the audio but nothing about if the system will have more output.


I've also tried this off my Macbook pro with the same results. No matter what I do this doesn't have the same output the Z-560 had and it seems like it should be able to get louder. The reason I'm looking for the volume is it's in the same room with all my amps / guitars and I want to play loud with backing music!


Thanks for any and all help, if there is something computer wise or setup wise I can provide I'd be happy to!

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