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Corsair K70 lights not working on bootup


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Hi, I've googled and search here a bunch but I can't seem to find anyone with the same issue.


I got a Corsair K70 Vengeance with Cherry MX Browns a couple days ago. However, when I turn the computer on, the lights on the keyboard do not go on but the keyboard works. Only the volume/settings/capslock lights work. Pressing the lighting button does not do anything.


Only unplugging and replugging the keyboard works, which is very annoying to do every single time I turn on the computer.


Can anyone help?

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This is for Non-RGB keyboards


Check BIOS settings for USB initialization.


Try another USB port.

USB 2.0 or 3.0


Try this last...

Add High power mode setting. Use at own risk. Recommended to use with USB 3.0 ports only since at high power setting the current is over USB 2.0 maximum spec of 500mA. USB 3.0 ports maximum 900mA.

To activate

Press down “Brightness + F12” keys while re-plugging USB connector

To deactivate

Press down “ESC” keys while re-plugging USB connector


- ESC+replug restores factory default

- ESC+replug on K95 will delete stored macro data

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