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acceptable memory errors


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Hello, I've discovered running memtest-86 that my RAM is the cause of my system instability. It's occured from the beginning. I ran the test with my 2 VS512MB400 modules and it indicated 12 errors and appeared to freeze the system. A second test revealed 27 errors midway through the second pass.


Today I have run the test on each module individually and recieved 2 errors on 2 passes for the first one and 5 errors so far on the 3rd pass for the second. Both run in slot 1 (the second individual module tested was in slot 2 when both were installed).


My question is, is there an acceptable tolerance in terms of the number of errors or does even 1 error indicate bad memory?



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Well, I just exchanged it at Fry's and have put in the new memory.


Are you saying that 12 or 27 errors are within working ranges?


My system is this:


MB = ECS PT800CE-A VIA chipset

CPU = Intel P4 3.0E Ghz HT, prescott

RAM = Corsair 2x512MB Value Select for 1GB total

Video = Radeon based 9200SE card

HD = Seagate 120GB 7,200 rpm

Sound & NIC = onboard

CDRW = Sony 12x/10/32


Case fans = 3

Case lights front = 2

Neon tube light = 1 (didn't know it came with the case, just put it in for fun)


Edit: Let me add a little more. The MB I had been using in another system with a Celeron D 2.66 Ghz CPU and 512MB Mushkin RAM. It ran fine for over a month. I switched things around because this ECS board has 5 PCI slots and I wanted to pair that up with the new P4 3.0E processor. The other system that the MB was in had essentially the same components, video card, VIA chipset, onboard sound & NIC, 120 GB WD drive, DVD+-RW. FWIW...


I used a power calculator from http://www.3dcool.com and it calculated that out to 299W, so I thought at first the 300W PSU that came with the case wasn't enough. So I put a 450W PSU in (since I will be adding 4 firewire and 1 wireless Lan cards and possibly another drive or two at some point. The calculator listed all that around 400W).


Are there specific BIOS (btw, I updated it to the latest version 1.1b) settings I should have? Please advise...



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Ok, I just ask because I mentioned the error testing to the sales guy at Fry's when I exchanged the RAM and he said those error numbers weren't a problem, it was probably some other components. It doesn't seem like anything more than a single error would be allowed, but I'm no expert.


Testing it out right now. So far it's played through 40 mins of a Divx clip without a problem. Hope exchanging the memory is all that's needed...



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