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Changing the Color Indicator Based on Mode instead of DPI?


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Hi guys,


I'm playing a lot of Black Desert Online now, and I have both the K95 Keyboard and the Scimitar mouse. With the Scimitar mouse i'm loving this game, except for 1 small thing. I am currently setup so that the 12 programmable side buttons do different things depending on what mode i flip to. Sadly I want to have a color indicator so I know which mode i'm on and the DPI Color indicator for some reason for the 1st two modes lets me have a different color but for every mode after #2 it sets it to whatever #2's color is.


Here are some example shots:


This shows the color indicator of Mode 1: http://cl.ly/fL1y


This shows the color indicator of Mode 2: http://cl.ly/fL4R


Now the color indicator of Mode 3 changed to Green: http://cl.ly/fKpW


Now if you look back to mode 2, it's color indicator has now changed to match the 2nd mode: http://cl.ly/fL9J



Please help me!

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What's weird is the Default mode in that profile is also having problems now that i try the features i added. I added a Back and Forward button for the mouse and neither works. This makes it so i cannot browse back or forward in chrome. Dunno wtf is going on. I have had non stop trouble with this mouse / keyboard ever since i bought it. I also bought a G910 and it works flawlessly on this same system. However they dont have a programmable 17 button mouse like Corsair does so I have to try and figure this out :(
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