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Strafe RGB Profile Issue


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hi guys. i have an strafe rgb keyboard and it is working fine so far. but i was just starting the PC and 2 keys are not "working" anymore. i mean they are working but the lightning efects from the downloaded profile (csgo by schwitz) of "#" and "<" (sometimes also FN) are not working anymore. i can set a new colouring but the efects from the profile are not working anymore.

my selfmade profiles seem to work but not the downloaded profiles. but 2 hours ago they did work :s

any suggestions what could have happened? i restartet it several times of course..


here a pic so everyone knows what i mean



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yes it worked perfectly finde till today :s


i allready added the keys to the group. when its a static profile it works but if its "moving" the lighting doesnt fit with the interval of the other keys :/


/e i tried it again and the problem is when the colour is changing those two keys change too. but at one point the keys turn black while the others change their colour.

i made a screenshot. imagine the lights go from left to right. at some point those 2 keys turn black as the left one on the pic



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