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Void Stereo headset cable repair


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I just registered so that I could ask this question. I did a search first and was unable to find something that matched my situation closely enough.


I just received my brand new Void Stereo headset and opened it up yesterday and it's hands down the best headset I've owned. Today, I got home from work and sat down only to discover that, after only one day of using my new headset, one of my cats had already chewed through the wire in 4 different places.


I understand that this likely is not something that would be covered under the warranty, but I wanted to ask if there is possibly a service available where I could mail my headset in and have it repaired, or if there was a way to have a new cable sent out to me so that I can replace it myself (and I'll make sure to lock up my headset from now on)?


Thanks in advance.

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