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h80i gt cpu fan error 0 RPM


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Hi, i have a h80i gt which has all been working fine until last week when the computer failed to boot because of cpu fan error.


For some reason the motherboard is no longer picking up the cpu fan rpm.

I'm able to change the fan settings in bios for min fan speed to ignore so i can boot to windows.


The fan is working and temperatures are normal and the profiles all work fine but the fan reads 0 rpm.


If i watch the fan rpm it occasionally comes up then drops back to 0.


Any suggestions ?

I have not changed any hardware or software it just started all of a sudden.


Could it be a warranty issue ?



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If your BIOS has a PWM or max speed fan control, use it for your CPU fan header or whichever fan header your H80i GT is plugged into.


The motherboard is a asus z97 a


It was all working fine then just stopped and now intermittently it will work for a bit then stop again.


So why would i have to change the settings in bios when it has been working fine for the past 5 months ?

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