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K70 is unresponsive. Please help


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So i fell asleep at my desk and i woke up to the scroll key flashing and most of my keys unresponsive. I also cant change LED keys , the button where you hold for a few seconds and it lets you change what keys to have LED for, originally i have all keys with ON backlight but when i woke up i had the profile - i.e the custom one. I thought it might be BIOS problem and tried switching but nothing changes except for the flashing scroll lock.


R, u ,i ,o , e keys are just some of the ones that dont work , probably more.


Also some keys are repeating, see link. As well as the media key for pause is repeating.




Keyboard is just a mess right now.



Any help? Really not wanting to have to spend my savings for another keyboard.


Lack of grammar, punctuation and sentence structure because lazy on the iPad

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