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Scimitar M4 & M5 mapping issue ?


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Hello there,


I just got a Scimitar and I'm puzzled by an issue I never encountered with my M65 previously.


In games I have binds made for M4 and M5 buttons that usually works whatever mouse I plug as long as it does have those buttons.


When I plugged my Scimitar the games didn't recognized M4 and M5 inputs. After that I checked on a browser to see if M4 and M5 were correctly switching to previous/next page and it didn't.


So I went to CUE and remapped those buttons as WWW Forward and WWW Back hotkeys. That's cool but does not fix the ingame issue as www forward and www previous aren't recognized as valid mouse inputs.


Then I checked again and noticed there are preinstalled function "Forward button" and "Back button" in the Remaps key > Mouse button subsection. But no matter wether I try them in a game or on a webpage they don't do anything.




I'd like to avoid having to setup a profile specific to games.


Isn't there a way for it to work simple and easy ? Just have it understand like every other mouse I have ever owned that M4 and M5 on a browser are used to switch between pages and that when it registers M4 when I do my hotkeys in a game and press M4 ?


Maybe I'm missing something.


Thanks for the help

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You're doing it right, but you have to map the profile to the specific game. There is no way to make it inherent to the mouse - CUE has to provide that feature for the Scimitar. Why are you changing the DPI switches though? There's all those side buttons to mess around with! :P
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