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Can someone make a theme for me (k95/k70 rgb)?


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Hey guys,


I'm asking this question because I recently bought a K95 rgb, and thought that it could be cool to have a nyan cat theme, no I started making it.


After a couple hours I had to give up, because I simply couldn't make it work.


The idea was to have a nyan cat running over the keyboard leaving it's rainbows behind it, or simply have a rainbow like the nyan on waving over the keyboard in real nyan cat style :biggrin:


I hope you know what I mean, otherwise I'm happy to answer, cuz I'd rly love to see this theme ^^

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I made a nyan cat for a request haha, check my already completed requests and ctrl + f to find the nyan cat request


Haha, of thx very much, I'm pretty new to this and couldn't find a template, but it sounds great! :biggrin:

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