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K70 and Win10 Pro Issues


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I am having issues with my K70 RGB keyboard and Win 10 (I am using Win10 Pro). I am associating Win 10 with this issue, because I was told this is a chronic problem with Win 10.


By the way, this is a newly built PC and I had issues overall getting Windows to recognize any hardware I plugged into it if it was not a generic monitor, mouse, etc. It is not plug and play friendly, you have to download drivers for everything when dealing with a new build and Win10.


For a few days, everything was fine with my keyboard. Yesterday evening after a Win 10 update and reboot I started to have problems.


My device was no longer recognized by my OS, causing the 'Device' tab in my CUE to be greyed out and un-clickable. My 'Profiles' menu at the top of the CUE window was also greyed out, rendering it inaccessible.


I have also unplugged, re-plugged the keyboard in many times to see if it would detected my keyboard that way and to no avail.


I am able to type on it, but Windows is treating it as a generic keyboard. My LED's (Profile settings) are not working according to the default profile I have chosen (it is sitting on the red keys with the white WASD and arrow keys - a default LED display). I have even double checked my profile settings/default by right-clicking on the Corsair icon in my tray. Doing this allows you to see the default profile settings, and mine are appropriately marked on the one that I chose as my default in this small pop-up window, yet it is not being displayed on my keyboard via my LED's.


I have also rebooted my PC many times already, to no avail. Nothing seems to be working.


If anyone has had these problems before, I would be very appreciative to learn how you were able to overcome it. It is driving me nuts. LOL!


If my problem seems to work itself out or I figure out a solution, I will come here and update this post in case someone like myself comes here looking for a solution as well.

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Try this and see if it helps. Stop at step 9.



It's for Windows 7, but the process should be the same for Windows 10.

Make sure you also have the latest chipset drivers installed.


If you still cannot get it to work, temporarily uninstall the update and see whether anything changes.

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