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I just switch from the Antec 900 case to the 760T. I did not change any other components. Currently I'm using the stock fans and added a 120mm exhaust fan on top. The computer would shutdown after about 10 minutes into playing World of Tanks. I never had any issues with the Antec 900. The temp on the CPU is just above 60 degree Celsius with the game on. Any suggestions?


Asus Maximus Hero VII

i5 4690

AMD 6800 series 1gb

Corsair 16gb ram

Corsair HX520/Corsair TX750

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Hey Neospirit there are a lot of things that can happen while swapping over cases if done incorrectly.


In order to assist you please describe the issues you are having in more detail, does the screen turn black or does your computer completely shut off? Here are some basic steps you can try.


1.Re-check all your connections.

2. World of tanks may be taking a lot more wattage than your actual PSU supply. (have you played this before ?) (check your GPU)

3. Check your voltages in BIOS range

(11.4-12.6) 12-V

(4.75-5.25 ) 5-V

(3.16-3.45 ) 3-V


*anything in the parenthesis is fine.

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The computer completely shuts off with no warning. I have played WOT for a while now with the same setup in the other case. I did add the AMD 6800 series graphic card a month ago, but did not have any issues. I have used both PSU with the same issue. I can check the voltages tonight.
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