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140mm AIO cooler fit in the 100R?


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Hi, it's my first time here, nice to meet you all :D


So I'm having a 100R and I'm planning on buying a AIO cooler to replace the stock Intel cooler as it is too loud and for the look as well. I have considered the Corsair H80i GT - this one can fit into the case without any problem, the H100i GTX - I will have to remove the hard drive rack for it to work (as the picture below).




But those are both coolers with 120mm fans, I'm thinking of a cooler with 140mm fan to reduce noise, of course a double rad cooler with 140mm won't fit in but I think a single rad one would (visible mounting points for the lower 140mm fan at front panel as I have removed the hard drive rack). So am I right on this? Will a single rad AIO cooler with 140mm fan will fit in?


Thank you :D

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