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H110i GT - Pump failure - Very Hot


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Hi all,


h110i GT on MSI Gaming 7 board, 4790k.


My PC has been running really well for 6 months, then last night turned on the computer and idle quickly went up to 70-80 degrees celcius and any load hits 100 degrees.


I shut it down immediately.


Nothing has changed on my pc at all since i built it 6 months ago.


Checked mount and all four corners are tight.


(Before temps were low 20's degrees C and max load in game 50)


Rebooted couple of times, and thought to check the link software and it is saying PUMP = 0rpm! (It used to say rpm im sure of it, the 3 pin header is plugging into CPU_FAN on my motherboard)


All is connected properly, LED is lit up on pump too, so I assume power wise it is fine?


I am guessing pump failure.


I tried again today and no change, still over heats very quickly and idles > 70 degrees celcius after a minute.


As my motherboard has built in temp led's that tell you the CPU temp through my clear side on the case, i've noticed recently some weird spikes which i didnt really pay attention to but now that i think about it... sitting in windows a couple of times, idling in the 20's then for no reason spikes to 60 or so but then came back down fairly quickly.


Unless you have any suggestions I guess it will be RMA time.


Is the H100 series known to have their pumps fail?


Thanks in advance :)

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It does sound like a pump failure or flow problem of some kind. If you haven't already, put a finger or two on the block to check for vibrations. It the pump is running, you should be able to feel it. It may be helpful to try and differentiate the zero pump reading as a hardware failure or as a software error. If no vibrations, you could try a different SATA connection but since the unit still has power this seems unlikely to be the problem and I would start the support ticket toward an RMA.


You haven't mentioned water temperature. If you have a flow problem your H110iGT Cooler Temperature (water temp) should start rising immediately on boot and continue to do so. It won't be the same as the CPU temperature, but if it rises to 50C+ within a few minutes at the desktop, there is flow problem of some sort.

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Thanks for the reply c-attack. Last night I got home from work and did some proper troubleshooting.


Whilst computer is on there is no vibration from the pump at all.


I tried different sata and fan headers on the mother board but no good.


Pump has power due to the Corsair lighting up, radiator fans are running fine as well.


Checked bios as well and set all fan headers to full but still reporting 0 rpm.


Instantly last night cpu temp went up to 99 degrees within a minute of booting into bios.


I submitted an RMA ticket last night express as I need my pc back up and running asap.


Here's hoping for a smooth replacement :)

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