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CMK16GX4M4A2400C14 issues on Asus Z170 Gene...


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hi guys,


I have already red other topics over at Asus about memory issues with this particular motherboard.

but my issue seems a bit different, thus I decided to open a new topic here as well as on Asus.

I'm using the Asus Z170 Gene (bios 1402), Intel i5 6600K (no OC) and Corsair 4x4GB 2400MHz ram (CMK16GX4M4A2400C14).


the motherboard and the ram are both in each others QVL lists so I expected them to work flawlessly.

the cpu, motherboard and ram combo is about 2 months old and I'm facing some random stability issues.

the range goes from a freeze to a BSOD, always random and not really reproducible.


I've been investigating that together with the great guys over at "tenforums" but was not able to find the real cause.

suspecting a driver issue I performed a clean install of my Windows 10 Pro so drivers should not be a problem anymore.

only a minimum of the only needed driver are cleanly installed: vga, audio and chipset (all up to date).


what I realize is that I never have a BSOD or freeze while running my rams on auto settings.

as soon as I switch the rams to XMP and run them at 2400MHZ (instead of 2133MHz) I get random issues.

to be clear I never have issues to boot the system, the issues come later on and are not predictable.


additionally while troubleshooting the BSODs I ran a Memtest on the rams for more than 8 loops with no errors.

so there seems to be no physical issue with the rams but still XMP causes problems.


what's the problem with that motherboard or ram, why is an overclocker motherboard not able to run 2400MHz ram on XMP?


the rams supports even 2666MHz on XMP (second profile) and the motherboard is advertised even with speeds up to 3800MHz.


I just don't get what's the problem here, what's causing the issue?!


I appreciate any help I can get, especially by users of the same motherboard and/or ram.



Asus Z170 VIII Gene Dram QVL list:




Result of the Corsair Memory Finder for the very same motherboard:








for those interested hier is the link to my BSOD troubleshooting.



and here the post on the Asus forums:


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I have an ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Gene myself and no issues with my Corsair Vengeance LPX (CMK16GX4M4A2800C16) even overclocked. If the board fails to train with either XMP enabled, manually set Maximus Tweak from AUTO to Mode 1 and see if that fixes things.
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