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2 Questions around K65 RGB and CUE


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Hi all,


so I just got a K65 RGB yesterday - my first mech and first Corsair. Have played around plenty with the software and have got most settings the way I want them. I just have two questions:


1. Is it possible to exclude individual keys from the reactive lighting setting? I have my Caps Lock set yup in a way that it changes colour when pressed once, and changes back on the next press. However, it still plays the loop I have set up for reactive lighting before changing its colour.


2. Am I correct in thinking that the reactive lighting setting only works when the software is installed and running, and is not saved with the profile in the onboard memory? I.e. when I lock my computer, reactive lighting does not work until I unlock it again.


Thank you for any advice you can provide.

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1: There is no way to exclude keys from the type lighting. If you are referring to reactive lighting only (not ripple lighting) then an alternative is to not use type lighting, but to create a gradient effect that activates on key press and ends after 1 iteration. You have to do this for every key individually (though for uniformity you can use the lighting effects list to drag and drop the effect onto the individual keys)


2: You are correct. CUE is needed to run any kind of animations/macros on the keyboard. Only static lighting is saved to the device.



Example of a reactive typing gradient:


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