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Utterly confused


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I purchased a Corsair PSU off TigerDirect and received an UNOPENED box that had a PSU inside with the CORRECT labeling both on the package and on the unit. However, it turned out to be the wrong unit since what I ordered was semi-modular and this was not modular at all. I went through the hoops and put up all the pictures of the unit and the specs and everything were there. My request was approved so I shipped my PSU in expecting an easy fix considering Corsair's supposedly great customer service.


Now here's the kicker:

I wasn't even notified that my RMA was denied until after I checked in after 3 days after it was "Arrived" but not "Processing" (so much for the 24-48 hour turnaround). It was denied because its the wrong unit and apparently not even a Corsair unit (although everything else apparently checked out somehow when you guys approved it?). And I can either pay even more money to get it shipped back to me or it will be scrapped.


I'm stuck in between a rock and a hard place as I've already sunk in $100 in unit and shipping costs and I really can't afford to spend much more in my situation. If I get it shipped back to me, I can't return it to TD since apparently they decided to shut down. And I'm scared to use this PSU if I get it back now knowing that its possibly not real. I have no idea what to do. This is the first computer I have ever tried to build, after saving for so long to purchase the components, but this is quickly becoming a huge nightmare.


What should I do? :confused::(:

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Hello Gooddudz,


I reached out to our support team and engineers to take a close look at the power supply. Ultimately, they agreed that this was not a Corsair power supply. And since it is not made by Corsair, we would not be able to assist you on this matter. We will be shipping the PSU back to the address provided.

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