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DDR3L with a Bloomfield?


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ok, my reply in another thread got deleted, so i'll start my own.


this CMY32GX3M4C2133C11R kit appears to be the fastest DDR3L memory available. the plan is to eventually use it for a Skylake build. but for now i would like to use 3 of the 4 modules with my Bloomfield on an X58 chipset.


here are the specs:


ASUS Rampage III Formula X58 motherboard

i7-950 Bloomfield CPU

currently running 6GB of Corsair XMS3 at 1600MHz

SSD, Corsair 850W PSU, all that good stuff...


would like a definite yes or no here. the mobo is capable of 2200 speeds with an OC, and i only want to reach 2000MHz with 10x multi for my 200 BCLK. thank you.

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at this point i'm pretty sure they would work, but now i'm finding that the only DDR3 Z170 motherboard available is on the cheap end, with no SLI support. plus 2133MHz would be a little slow for a Skylake, not to mention i will never really need 32GB of RAM in the next 5 years. also, that low voltage RAM doesn't OC well, or so they say.


oh well, really didn't want to buy memory twice, but it seems DDR4 will be worth it.

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