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H90 Loud pump


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I've recently got a H90 and I think it might be defective as the pump is way too loud. It's not air in the loop, as I have heard that and it's a very different noise. The sound is exactly the sound you would expect a pump to make, but turned up to 11.


I've ensure that it is secured correctly and running at 100% power. I even tried running it at 60% which did help a little, however, obviously that is not good for it.


I know that loudness is subjective, but this is louder than all of the fans and hard drives in my pc combined. It's even much louder than the stock intel cooler.


Is there anything else that I could be doing wrong or should I return it? Note: during instillation I damaged one of the fins in the corner, will this have an impact on returning the unit?

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This is a somewhat common problem straight from the box on the H90/H110 Asetek units. Save yourself months of torture and either return the unit to the retailer or RMA the unit through Corsair, which ever is easier for you. The advantage of the RMA through Corsair is someone will have tested the unit before they send it. However, you will have to pay the shipping to them. Don't worry about the fins. Even in brand new condition, there is no guarantee of perfect fin alignment.
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