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K70 RBG - Not very responsive when booting up the PC


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Hello, I have noticed that my k70 rbg is not very responsive when booting up my PC, is it because CUE takes a while to start up or something? Does this happen to anyone? My computer specs are pretty good so I don't really think it's my computer hardware.


Is there a way to prioritize CUE to boot up first above all other programs?


I'm using "1" on the BIOS Switch on the keyboard if that matters. Also on Windows 10 Pro 64bit.


EDIT: Another question, should I use 2 USB 2.0 slots to power the keyboard or 1 USB 3.0 slot to power it.

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The USB ports choice shouldn't matter but make some quick tests and see if it does.


As for CUE I believe windows has some options to order what starts and in which order on boot, but I don't know any details about it. A quick google search might help you find something.

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