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Scimitar RGB Black Side Buttons


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I recently purchased a Scimitar RGB black mouse and I went to remap the side buttons within CUE and they are unresponsive.


I can sometimes get them to work by continuously uninstalling and reinstalling CUE, unplugging and plugging in the mouse, downgrading the firmware and CUE software, rebooting, deleting registry inputs. But as soon as the computer sleeps or reboots, the side buttons will not work anymore.


Any other help or ideas would be appreciated.

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I now have the same issue as of 2/24/2016. The side buttons with previous mappings and new mappings are unresponsive. The other buttons function properly (RMB, LMB, Middle mouse button, DPI up and down)


They worked for me as of yesterday (2/23) and the only thing that has changed that I am aware of is windows updates.


Windows 10 (64bit) version 1511 (OS build 10586.104)







Build : 1.15.36

Firmware : 2.01


A quick question, would the type of keyboard impact the inputs that the mouse is trying to execute? I have a razer chroma keyboard, and anything that I use via keyboard selection does not seem to function.

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