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Cannot uninstall/update Corsair headset drivers


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I recently updated to windows 10 and had some troubles with Teamspeak not recognizing my microphone. So i wanted to uninstall the older corsair vengeance 2100 headset drivers to instal the newer one, hoping this would fix the microphone issue.

But every time when i tried uninstalling the drivers i got this message




Now i tried to delete all the corsair files in my Program files folder manually and then uninstall the software again but this didn't work either.

Even why i do what the error message says and locate the file on my desktop it never works.

Even when i try to just install the newer driver version i get exactly the same error. So now i am stuck, unable to uninstall or install my drivers.


My system info:

Windows 10 64bit

8GB Corsair Dominator

Asus Sabertooth 55i

Asus HD5870

850W PSU

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So i managed to get past that error, but now everytime i try to uninstall the driver, it just doesn't do anything. It start's to uninstall, then i get prompted by windows if i want to let it uninstall, and when i click Yes (Ja) the uninstall progress bar goes all the way to the right and then closes.

But the driver remains installed.




And whenever i try to install the newer driver now i get this error message



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